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University: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Name of sponsoring Professor: Dr. Hamid Sharif
Department: Computer and Electronics Engineering


The Computer and Electronics Engineering (CEEN) Department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Omaha Campus) is currently a OPNET University Program Member. We provide facilities for CEEN students in our programs to learn and utilize OPNET products in conjunction with the following undergraduate and graduate courses:

  • CEEN 4660/8666 - Telecommunications Engineering I for simulations of basic network topologies, concepts, and models;
  • CEEN 4710/8716 - Computer Communication Networks for simulation techniques and performance modeling of high-speed access control protocols, routing protocols, traffic management, network topologies and technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and TCP/IP; and
  • The CEEN Department also provides students with opportunities to investigate topics related to high-speed networking with OPNET through either an Independent Study or Individual Study for academic credit.


Graduate students are regularly involved in high-speed networking research in the CEEN Department. Masters and PhD students utilize OPNET products to aid in researching their chosen network topics. OPNET is used to model complex networks and devices, simulate "what-if" scenarios, compare performance, and experiment with tweaking parameters on existing network protocols.

In particular, students at the Advanced Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory (TEL) here at the CEEN department regularly use OPNET to evaluate and refine ideas for their research and education. Focus areas for their work include protocols for wireless communication systems such as WiFi and WiMAX, as well as ideas for enhancing link robustness, capacity, and communication distance. OPNET is a great help in quickly evaluating new approaches and concepts.


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