CEEN 1060: Microprocessor Applications

Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

1060 Microprocessor Applications(3) Introduction to assembly language programming of microprocessors/microcontrollers, assemblers, and debugging tool utilization. Microprocessor system hardware components, control signals, and 'C' language micro-controller programming. Prereq: CEEN 1030, CIST 1400.


The Intel Microprocessors, Sixth Edition: Barry B. Brey

Class/Laboratory Schedule:

The lecture portion of the course will meet for three university hours each week. The laboratory portion will meet for three university hours each week.

Course Outcomes:

  1. The student is able to work productively with others toward the successful completion of group assignments. [CENG(10)][EENG(10)] High
  2. The student is able to develop individual problem solution methods and present these methods to members of the assignment team. [CENG(10)][EENG(10)] Med
  3. Student teams have demonstrated engineering self-learning skills. [CENG(15)][EENG(15)] Low
  4. The student can write assembly language programs to solve complex application problems. [CENG(3,7,9bchi)][EENG(3,9bc)] High
  5. The student can perform and document laboratory programming experiments with investigation analysis and use of debugging tools. [CENG(3,4,5,7,9chi,13)][EENG(3,9c,13)] High
  6. The student can make time and memory space design decisions with a machine-level approach and perspective. [CENG(3,7,9h)][EENG(3)] Low
  7. The student can explain the major architectural components of the stored program computer with its subsystem decoding and communication timing. [CENG(4,5,7,9h)][EENG(4,5)] Low
  8. Student teams can complete the design and implementation of an 8086 real mode system memory monitor program. [CENG(3,7,9bchi,10)][EENG(3,9bc,10)] High

Course Topics:

  1. Cooperative Learning: Team Building 2 weeks
    1. cooperation, learning styles, and directed self-learning
    2. team interaction assessment
  2. Using real mode DOS 1 week
  3. Programmer's View of the 8086 1 week
    1. register set and memory addressing modes
    2. assembly language syntax
  4. Structured Programming 2 weeks
    1. memory models
    2. conditional branches and loops
    3. procedures and parameter passing
  5. Logic Instructions and Bit Manipulation 1 week
  6. String Instructions and Processing 1 week
  7. Assembler Directives and Macros 1 week
  8. Using assembly language with C/C++ for embedded systems 2 weeks
  9. Stored Program Computer Bus Signals and Timing 1 week
  10. Memory Types and Decoder Design 1 week
  11. Embedded system I/O Interrupt Processing 1 week

The Reason this Course is in the Program:

This course is intended as a freshman level forum used in preparation for academic success. Programming skills developed in CIST 1400 and the principles of Boolean logic, binary and hexadecimal number systems and digital circuits introduced in CEEN 1030 are developed for the study of low level microprocessor hardware access and control with emphasis on embedded systems. Academic skills of engineering students are improved. These skills include commitment to accurate scheduled task completion and cooperative personal achievement. The use of the complex 8086 instruction set enforces attention to detail and develops the discipline specific programming skills needed for the embedded microprocessor system design tasks of a modern engineering career.

Prepared by:

Herbert E. Detloff - February 16, 2003