CEEN 2184: Electrical Circuits Laboratory I

Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

2184 Electrical Circuits Laboratory I(1) The use of laboratory tools for measurement and verification of electrical concepts. Experiments using both passive and semiconductor devices at audio frequences. Analysis verification with computer simulation. Prereq: Coreq: CEEN 2130.


A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics, Yannis Tsividis. Wiley 2002 ISBN: 0-471-38695-2
Lab notebook (bound pages)

Laboratory Schedule:

Three hours (150 minutes) once a week.

Course Outcomes:

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:
  1. Select the proper test instrument to measure circuit and part parameters.
  2. Assemble electrical circuits from a schematic.
  3. Assemble and test operational amplifier circuits.
  4. Formalize the experiment's procedures and results by writing a formal report.

Secondary Objectives:

  1. The student will understand the relations and differences between electric/electronic circuit theory and practice.
  2. The student will be familiar with the operation of appropriate measurement instruments and techniques employing digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and frequency generators.
  3. The student will be convinced that the theory of the lecture course is real and useful. This is accomplished through involvement with several relevant applications involving audio generation, amplification, and reproduction.
  4. The student will become an experimenter, at least for the duration of the lab. The student will ask "what if" questions and act on his/her own to discover new things.
  5. The student will be motivated to study further. Experiments with bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs, and diodes will increase interest for CEEN 2220 (Electronics). A modulation experiment will whet the appetite for CEEN 3250 Communications Systems.

Course Topics (Labs):

  1. Measuring DC
  2. Resistors and resistive sensors
  3. Time-varying signals
  4. Op-amps
  5. Amplifier design
  6. Diodes
  7. RC transients
  8. Filters
  9. LC circuits
  10. Modulation
  11. MOSFETs
  12. Amplification principles
  13. BJT amplifiers
  14. Practical Exam

The Reason this Course is in the Program:

This course is used generate interest in the CEEN curriculum while gaining lab experience based on the theory being taught in CEEN 2130 Electrical Circuits I. It increases the student's knowledge of the selection and use of test equipment that will be used in CEEN 2234 and other CEEN courses. It furthers the student's skill in breadboarding circuits from schematic representations.

Prepared by:

Herbert Detloff - October 11, 2003