CEEN 4750/8756: Satellite Communications

Catalog Entry (2012-2013):

4750 Satellite Communications(4) This course provides the fundamental concepts of satellite communications. Emphasis will be on the physics of orbits, launching satellites into orbit, spacecraft design and operation, radio frequency link, modulation and multiplexing, multiple access, satellite transponders, earth stations, interference and special problems in satellite communications. Prereq: CEEN 3250 or equivalent.(Cross-listed with CEEN 8756.)

Class/Laboratory Schedule:

4 Credit Hours: 3 Hours Lecture, 3-Hour Lab Elective


This course discussion is based on more depth study of satellite communications. This includes the extension of terrestrial radio systems, mechanics of orbital motions, and space links.

Suggested Text:

Satellite Communications, Dennis Roddy (Prentice Hall)

Prerequisites by:

Course: Telecommunications Engineering I (CEEN 4660)

Topics: Characteristics of Communication Networks in terms of Protocols, Organizations, Components, and Performance.


  1. Overview of Satellite Systems
  2. Orbits and Launching Methods
  3. Kepler's law
  4. Orbit Perturbations
  5. Geostationary Orbit
  6. Incline Orbits
  7. The Space Segment
  8. The Earth Segment
  9. Baseband Signals and Modulations
  10. The Space Link
  11. Interferences
  12. Satellite Access

Laboratory Exercises:

Modeling, simulations, and analysis of different network architecture.

Computer Usage:

Use of simulation CAD systems to create related network media and protocol models.


November 27, 1995