CEEN Freshman Program

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"FreshMeet Retreat" - August 19-20, 2005: The purpose of the "FreshMeet" was to give entering freshman students the opportunity to bond early with their classmates, meet their professors in an informal and relaxed setting over a campfire and to receive some early mentoring from upperclass students. After a first day of information meetings and skits related to college life the freshman got on a bus for a campout at Camp Wakonda (adjacent to Fonetenelle Forest).
Fresh Meet Group Photo
Fresh Meet Group Photo at Camp Wakonda August 19th & 20th, 2005.
Freshmen 'pod' meeting
"Getting to know you: freshmen 'pod' meeting with their senior mentor."
Setting Up Camp.
Setting up a tent
The left pole is connected to the middle pole or the right pole?
Ranger Mike and group of retreat students
Ranger Mike talking shop about the forest and the lore of Chief Logan Fontenelle.
Hiking through the forest
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It is off to a hike we go.
Water balloon fun
Launch missiles at the seniors!
Retreat wrapup
A Chautauqua about fulfilling dreams with the chair, Dr. Chen.