Submarine Demo from Ben Barenz

Ben Barenz and Dean Glazeski
First place winners Ben Barenz and Dean Glazeski present the sub project at the IEEE's 7th Annual Student Design Contest held at RIT (May 5, 2007). View the PowerPoint presentation.
Ben Barenz
Ben Barenz explains the S.A.R.D.I.N.E. project at RIT (May 5, 2007).
Submarine designed by Ben Barenz.
Submarine designed and built by CEEN student Ben Barenz (April 19, 2006).
Submarine wireless control
Ben Barenz controls his submarine via remote control (April 19, 2006).
Submarine surfacing
Submarine coming up for surface (April 19, 2006).
Submarine wireless video
The submarine sends wireless video and audio of the diver (Ben Wisinski) to the control laptop (April 19, 2006).
See video of the sub diving and surfacing - 2:27 / 9.15M (requires Windows Media Player 9 or later)