Showcase 2011 Featured Projects

CEEN Senior Design Showcase  

P.H.T.S: Preventative Healthcare Tracking System

Heather Jobes, Tola Ayanwusi, Justin Duster, and Thomas Knipe

This system assists individuals in managing medical schedules and patient data collected from medical monitoring devices and is capable of sending alert messages for various medical situations.


MMU: Mini-Mobile Environmental Monitoring Unit

Spencer Witt, Zach Booth, Brett Miles, Chris Thompson

The MMU exposes aquatic life to an environmental water supply in a controlled manner. The remotely deployed, solar powered unit will monitor system state and report to the user wirelessly.


E.C.H.A: Energy Conservation through Home Automation

Nick Lawyer, Santo Sapienza, Taylor Whipple, John Wrobel

This system will sense the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, light and presence) and based upon these inputs make intelligent energy saving decisions for the user's home. It remotely switches devices, monitors power and adjusts HVAC settings.



Chet Cyr, Steven Baker, Jeff Lind, Louis Sather

This device is a wireless, server-based portable computing device. It will allow for both regular desktop mode and a screen sharing mode, to allow interpersonal collaboration and presentations.


OPPD Streetlight Monitoring System:

Ryan London, Roy Nyaboga, Paul Downey, Jeries Abu Jries

This system will monitor streetlights and determine if a malfunction has occurred on the OPPD grid. Upon a malfunction, a signal will be sent wirelessly to an OPPD station. OPPD will use this data to effectively schedule/dispatch work crews.


SMCS: Simple Modular Control System

Adam Joynt, Thomas Lane, Victor Metz

This system is a control system for visual effects and home automation. It has a modular design for simple assembly and operation, and allows flexible implementations, including control of multiple device types on a single system.


POGS: Projection Orthopedic Guidance System

Dyllon Cantrell, Steven Carpenter, Andrew Minturn, Nate Wyatt

POGS is designed to guide a surgeon performing orthopedic knee replacement by projecting saw orientation indicators and cut markings on the patient's bone to ensure accuracy.


MED: Motorcycle Emergency Detector

Jerry Mitchell, Jinqi Song, Jeff Viola, John Bishop

The Motorcycle Emergency Detector is an interface of sensors and communication modules that sends an alert upon an accident detection.


MNLS: Multi-level Natural Lighting System

Alexander James, Alexander Balm, Matthew Harris, Jeffery Tausz

A system that collects sunlight, distributes it to the interior of a building through fiber optic cables, and controls the amount of artificial light produced to maintain a constant light level.


Residential Zone Heating Control System

Claude Climer, James Ferguson, Matt Raimondo, John Peters III

A control system to monitor temperatures and heat in residential environments on a per-room basis using conductive concrete as a radiant heating element.

Event: Senior Design Showcase 2017

Location: Peter Kiewit Institute (1110 S. 67th St., Omaha, NE)
Room: Atrium
Date: Thu., April 27th, 2017
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Contact: (402) 554-4991