Showcase 2013 Featured Projects

CEEN Senior Design Showcase 2013 CEEN Senior Design Group  

Remotely Controlled Animatronic Arm

Erik Hagerup, Patrick Brennan, Jacob Stoelting

A wireless remotely controlled animatronic arm that mimics a user's actions in real time to assist in the disposal of explosive devices.

rcaa rcaa

SAM (Sleep Activity Monitor)

Heather Dworak, Phil Kahnk, Brayden Kelly, Donald Tryon

A monitoring system that records physical movement throughout a person's sleep cycle using multiple technologies. This information is then displayed for observation and analysis by the user and/or a professional.

sam sam


Stephen Dodds, Seth Lienemann, Aris Garcia, Bradley Woosley

An inexpensive robotic platform that can be programmed with AI algorithms in student labs.

cbai cbai


Robert Boulter, Sara Shinn, Timothy Struble-Larsen, Marc McCaslin

Simultaneous viewing device to allow multiple people to view individual sources on a single television, in order to meet the demands of an ever-expanding and developing audio and video age.

seer seer

RFID Digital Wallet System

Josh Curtis, Steven Flegle, Erran Holtz, Austin Speidel

A system responsible for tracking customer purchases on a reusable RFID wristband to be implemented at a local entertainment business.

rdws rdws

RF Onions

Prasun Pradhan, Elliot Kruger, Jacob Swift, Jordan Anthony

The project uses a RFID reader and tags for quality control. It will count how many as well as what varieties of onions that are in a closed box, so an employee can cross reference tag data with a customer's order invoice.

rfo rfo

The WiSBox

Scott R. Corey, Late Lawson, Marc Cohen

A new media mobility solution that allows the user to stream one of four HDMI inputs to an Android device and forward one of the four HDMI inputs to a physically connected HDMI output.

wsb wsb

Property Monitoring System

Aaron Daberkow, Felix Islas, Mathew Tew, Ian Pfeffer

Programmable sensor network for a property monitoring application with SMS (text) alerts and notifications.

pms pms

Timbuktu Power Project for Rural Community Health

Ambrose Obiero


Event: Senior Design Showcase 2017

Location: Peter Kiewit Institute (1110 S. 67th St., Omaha, NE)
Room: Atrium
Date: Thu., April 27th, 2017
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Contact: (402) 554-4991