Showcase 2014 Featured Projects

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CNC Interface

James Gehringer, Joshua DeWitt, Evan Milton, Chad Staley

A web enabled Computer Numerical Control (CNC) interface that can be customized by the user, designed to be affordable and improve CNC user experiences.



Zachary Udesen, Tyler Reynolds, Alexis Mezzell, Noah Carpenter

An innovative solution to an old problem: how to catch more fish within a boat. The GO-Fish merges the traditional fishing depth finder with mobile devices to expand the utility of this already useful item. Using the GO-Fish multiple users can view the depth, fish location, temperature of the water, and even their GPS location on a map.



Tyler Ward, Jacob Partusch, Kossivi Tossou

This project will measure the attenuation of multiple signals that pass through a shielding medium. The compilation of these measurements and historical data will be displayed through a web user interface. Once complete, this system could be used to detect weaknesses in shielding material that is protecting sensitive data.



Leah Busch, Clayton Dirkschneider, Octavio Vargas Gaytan, Trenton Evans

A remote control quadcopter with manual and autonomous flight modes using a proprietary control board. Peripherals include sonar, accelerometer, gyroscope, battery monitor, and Zig Bee transceiver. Autonomous flight mode uses a digital imaging processor to detect and follow objects with a certain color.


PLC Concealer

Brian Beatty, Ian Dikeman, Isaac Anderson, Jonathan Grindstaff

A programmable network device that can perform traffic shaping and monitoring applications for increased security of industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC).


Tamper Evident RFID inventory system

John Fluer, Joshua Hemmingson, Lucas Thode, Matthew Kelley

This system is designed to monitor the status of RFID tags attached to sensitive material, sounding an alarm and logging an event if the tag is broken.


Event: Senior Design Showcase 2017

Location: Peter Kiewit Institute (1110 S. 67th St., Omaha, NE)
Room: Atrium
Date: Thu., April 27th, 2017
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Contact: (402) 554-4991