Showcase 2012 Featured Projects

CEEN Senior Design Showcase 2012 CEEN Senior Design Group  

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Assion Akouete-Akou, Jonathan Derrick, Clinton Plum, John Matson

Expanding capabilities of a virtual interpersonal border agent to increase accuracy in lie-detection.

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Daniel Hamrick, Elliot Triplett, Kyle O'Doherty

A system to monitor parking availability and provide a simple webpage to display the data.

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OPPD Streetlight Monitoring System

Jeremiah Bolin, Vince Foster, Rene Saucedo Jr, Alexander Stevens

The system monitors a street light network by measuring currents, predicting lamp life, and reporting problems back to OPPD's Dispatcher.

oppd oppd-team

Medicine Manager

Vedant Patel, Troy Becker, Michael Blecha

The Medicine Manager is an electronic device that will increase the medication compliance of its users. The device will dispense medication, assist with medication refills, and keep the medicines safe and secure.

medicine medicine-team

ReMM - Remote Monitor Mixer

Jose Santos, Wesley Detweiler, Gabe Cano, Brad Poppe

The Remote Monitor Mixer is a professional audio tool for live stage musicians designed to improve the monitoring quality of the stage sound.

remm remm-team

LASAR: Light Automation System Accessed Remotely

Vincent Lau, John Laughlin, Chris Williams, Deron Jakub

A home automation system that centrally controls ambient and artificial light with remote access capability.

lasar lasar-team


Daniel Green, Timothy Andersen, David Schlumberger, Adjegan Guidi

A small aircraft will use GPS, motion sensors, and wireless communication to autonomously follow a moving target on the ground. The system is intended to be an airborne camera platform.

helicapture helicapture helicapture-team


Joshua Cutaia, Himal Rai, Jamie Ruddick

A wirelessly controlled robot used to set the pace for training of distance runners. The robot detects the standard track lines to determine the position.


Event: Senior Design Showcase 2017

Location: Peter Kiewit Institute (1110 S. 67th St., Omaha, NE)
Room: Atrium
Date: Thu., April 27th, 2017
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Contact: (402) 554-4991